Frolic the Fox (featuring Kathryn Para)
Reading Makes Fairy Dust
Frolic the Fox is a magical, musical fox who reminds families that kindness, imagination, curiousity, reading, exploration, creativity make fairy dust- the magic of life. 
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A Magical, Musical Fox
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Our Weekly  Frolic th Fox and Friends:
"Friday mornings
Ten O'Clocks
Come see Frolic
At Old Fox"
Note: Storytime will not happen on
Black Friday

At Old Fox Books
35 Maryland Ave

Coming Soon! 
Regular Interactive Virtual Performances
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Short Bio:
Frolic the Fox is a magical creature who performs original songs, ditties, poems and stories with Stringly, her ukulele in her story den. Her simple, interactive and nourishing songs are known to be fresh, catchy, fun, delightful and helpful to parents and caregivers. 
She “sneezed awake” in March 2017 from a cloud of fairy dust form Old Fox Books in downtown Annapolis and she has been sharing stories weekly since then.  She has been seen performing in other places and likes to adventure out to try new things. Her following has grown to stretch the space available. Friends keep telling friends.  She is working to record video and audio of her music so that she can reach more people.  Her music is written by the human that looks and smells like her, Kathryn Para. She wants everyone to know that “reading makes fairy dust” and is on a mission to bring goodness to families around the nation and the world. 
Frolic's music is nutrient-dense, singer-songwriter, whimsical orignial music.  Her music touches the heart of children and caregiver alike.
We get the message: The weekly story times is just not enough!  I'm  working to publish it. 

For now: Check out Soundcloud: